Who are Khazars and are they Semites?


Isn’t it amazing that in a world where we hear day in and day out about Freedom of Speech and America’s tireless ambition to bring democracy to the heathens around the world there are some very rigid laws for us sheep in the West?

I say this with some irony of course; it would be demoralizing for me to think that I was a sheep but the reality is that by not doing something about real freedom I am putting myself into the pen of sheep.  Except I have really had enough because inaction perpetuates ignorance and complicity.

Inshallah I will do every little I can from now to make sure that a bigger momentum can steamroll and flatten the oppressors.

When you read this article you will note I haven’t got many links to outside pages – there are two reasons for this.  First, I have just started to use tools like WordPress, Twitter and Facebook so give me time to understand this world – Second, you can do easy internet searches to find all the background information to my thoughts in the public domain.

In this post I wanted to think out loud about the Anti-Semitism label and how that is used in Free western society.  Mention something that is critical of Israel and you will be labelled with this tag.

How is that Freedom of Speech – especially when applied to Muslims whose lands have been teared up to create space for European people who claim to be Jewish?  I as a Muslim am far more semitic than the European hordes who are free to pack up their bags in Europe and move out to the lands around Al-Quds (called Jerusalem by the thought police).  And I am not even an Arab – most of whom are indeed Semitic.

So the next time people shout abuse at a Muslim should the Muslim enact the Western thought-police law against Anti-Semitism?

And so who are these people who call themselves Semites but look like Europeans?  I was recently emailed to read an article in a top scientific journal that brings up the story of the Khazars once again.  This time there appears to be inconclusive DNA proof provided by a Jewish scientist that the Europeans who claim to be Semites have not ancestral link to the land around Al-Quds.  The article provides peer-reviewed conclusive evidence of this and suggests that the Europeans who are Jewish are of ancestral origins that take them back to an area around Russia.

There have apparently been a few refutations by other “Semitic” scientists but these refutations have been in journals that would appear to be comic books compared to the original publication.

Needless to say I did not find this story on the mainstream press – I found it on Twitter.

Please do share this article on what a Khazar is and think about what is happening in Palestine today and why Western nations do not want to speak the truth.






Ramadan, Monsters and Islam


This is my 6th proper Ramadan and this year feels even more special than last year because of a sweet scent that I sense in my prayers.  I can feel and sense something big that is happening and I cannot describe it in words. 

At the same time we are witnessing an increased persecution against Muslims which appears to be making us stronger but it is also taking fatalities and casualties in the form of innocent women and children in Gaza by the very sorry US funded colony called Israel.

Then we have the monsters who are marching around in Iraq and Syria like some sort of a thuggish gang of extremists using the name of Islam.  Yes I mean ISIL which I cannot get my head around – I completely don’t get these people who eat bodily organs and kill fellow Muslims and how they can even claim to represent other Muslims.  I just don’t understand how someone who actually calls themselves a Muslim could do this in the name of Islam.  Maybe there is a big clue here.

I read on Twitter yesterday that a journalist from the Daily Mail posed as an extremist and was encouraging this kind of extreme action in Syria and Iraq.  I also see daily reports on google news about western journalists who seem to be so trigger happy in reporting the success and accomplishments of the extremist monsters of ISIL

Has anyone noticed that the name ISIS is now being used instead of ISIL?  Could this be because you only have to add the letters R and A to make ISIL sound like ISRAIL or Israel?  Better to change the name I guess than let such an inconvenient association be made.

Either way we have ISRAIL and ISIL killing innocent Muslims and the western media is frothing at the mouth to excuse and congratulate both of these monsters.

Muslims in the UK and Europe have been castrated in terms of contributing to society with the convenient derogatory tag of Islamism being applied.  Even at local mosques any mention of societal and political matters is banned by the local liaison monitors.  Is this the Islam that our Prophet (PBUH) established?  I have read a few different biographies of the Last Prophet (PBUH) and I can only see a man who was committed to fairness in society and the establishment of equal rights for the oppressed.  In other words, religion and society go hand in hand and real matters that affect us need to be addressed.  That is not Islamism.  That is Islam.  I follow Islam.



WorldWide Foods in Mancester Selling Jordan River Dates Ramada


I was very saddened recently when I popped into a Muslim owned “Worldwide Foods” store in Cheetham Hill, Manchester to see them with a very large stock of Jordan River and other Illegal Settlement dates.  It made my heart sink to my feet because it is precisely in this period that the Israeli Entity is committing mass punishment on the residents of Gaza by dropping all sorts of bombs and missiles on them.

I see on Twitter that the response to the Israeli genocide against Gazans is very strong and there are all sorts of marches, protests and even a “drive” being organized by the people of the Ummah.  I say Ummah but I am not really sure that there is an Ummah.  It’s just a bunch of Muslims doing what they can.

However, surely, the Muslim shop owners have a conscience rather than wanting to make money in this life?  I tried to speak to a Muslim lady at the shop and she completely blanked me by pretending to be an immigrant that landed at Dover yesterday and not being able to speak or understand.  Or maybe she was pretending to be intellectually challenged.  I can’t really be sure but either way she ignored me in a very childish way.

I couldn’t find a manager so I telephone the store when I got home and was put through to a manager who was actually able to string a words together in English.  The only problem with his string of words was that he stated that they were not selling Israeli dates – implying he had actually been prepared for such a debate by using the kind of technicalities that caused the hijack of the BDS in 2005 by the rich Jewish left and a compromise on their stated objectives.

In any case, I asked why he was selling dates from the Illegal settlements and he responded by telling me to get on with my life and asking if I didn’t have better things to do with my life.  Actually I don’t have better things to do then try and stop the Israeli regime committing atrocities against humanity but that’s for another posting.  I did say that to him and he told me not to call back again.

Needless to say that I will not be shopping at Woldwide Foods again until they take a clear stance on this issue.

But through this interaction with our “Ummah” I have been left very disillusioned.  We have Muslims in Gaza who are dying and yet we have Muslims in Manchester selling dates to prop up the Israeli economy and allow it to continue unchecked in it’s massacres against Muslims.

I really don’t get this.